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Environmental Design - Spring 2022 (Revit)

For this project, we were to develop workstations based on the level of the position as well as the environmental interferences that might affect the employees' tasks.

Project Scope

  • Entry-level (partial wall) 8' x 6'

  • Manager-level (partial wall) 8' x 10'

  • Senior-level (partial wall) 10' x 15'

  • Senior-level (private office) 

  • Small conference area (partial wall) seat 4 people

  • Large conference room (enclosed) seats 10-12 people

My Takeaways

Diving further into office design, this project helped to center focus on the individual needs of a space in order to accomplish specific tasks in that space. It also explored the effect evidence-based design elements can create environments that can have to help support the specific tasks being performed.

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