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Dallas Design Group - Spring 2022 (Revit)

For this project, we were to interview a firm in Dallas and base our design on that company. Given the existing office space, we were to analyze the building site as well as the fire code requirements for the building. 

Project Scope

  • 30 designated workstations

  • 1 large conference room 

  • 1 small conference room 

  • 1 breakroom

  • reception area

  • storage room

  • printer/copy area

My Takeaways

This was a great exploration into the different environments that can affect a space as well as the challenges that designers face when coming up with a plan. Utilizing evidence-based design theories really helped me to understand how environments can change based on different applications and how spaces can be designed to function for a variety of different occupants.

Office Design Project: Projects
Office Design Project: Pro Gallery
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